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Fluxwerx was established in 2011 with the aim to break away from convention, pursuing a path unrestricted by the limitations of what was done before.

We did this by taking the path of resistance—not accepting what is as what is possible— to deliver inspired product designs while setting new standards in performance. Anidolic-Extraction optics marked the milestone of our first breakthrough and shaped the foundation of our first series of products.
Our story began with this groundbreaking optical technology but it has been our passion for lighting and our desire to boldly explore new ideas that has led to the developments that followed. Today we have a diverse portfolio of products that have earned international recognition with more than 40 design awards and are backed by over 15 optical and mechanical patents.
Fluxwerx creates innovative lighting products for the intersection of architectural environments and human experience. We synthesize industrial design, optical engineering and the latest technology with an obsessive attention to detail to deliver an optimal balance between energy, atmosphere and occupant.

This Is Fluxwerx 

Our award-winning, minimalist designs always offer an optimal balance of energy, atmosphere and occupant—without compromise.