View Mini

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.


View Mini

From fixture to fenestration.

Transparent, vertical optics, resized to integrate with architectural materials for an even further minimalist design. A re-scaled expression of the original View, View Mini blends seamlessly with architecture.

More Light. More Clarity. More Life.

View is the sum of our pursuit to optimize the balance design with superior optical and energy performance.

Appearing like a floating fenestration that remains transparent when lit, View's vertical Anidolic extraction optics technology provides precisely controlled optical distributions with no view of the LED point source. The result is exceptionally low glare and wide row spacing up to 15 ft on center, delivering 35 fc at 0.4 W/ft².

Design Without Compromise.

View Mini blends seamlessly with the architecture, delivering lower energy consumption and greater lifetime with improved reliability, and offering more freedom of design, controlled optical distribution options and visual comfort.

Installed As An Independent Pendant Or In Seamless Runs.

Independent UP And DOWN Light Control

Adjust the light to suit the needs of the space and the people in the environment.

Ideal for multipurpose rooms and spaces with presentation, projection or video conferencing requirements.

A Convergence Of Performance And Design. Resized.

Combining Anidolic optics with a transparent aesthetic and architectural materials creates the opportunity for a broad range of applications.

Light That Elevates The Environment.

Choose from a variety of aesthetic and performance options to match your vision—all with no difference in price. Use View Mini and open yourself up to new opportunities.


CCT Color Accuracy
3000K, 3500K, 4000K < 2 SDCM
Chromaticity Longevity
CRI ≥ 80 | R9 ≥ 0
CRI ≥ 90 | R9 ≥ 50
L90 @ 60,000h
L70 @ 200,000h
Efficiency Outputs
Up to 135 lm/W 4 Options, up to 4500 lm / 4 ft


Transparent, vertical optics engineered specifically for LED sources are integrated with minimalist design and architectural materials to create a broad range of solutions with superior optical and energy performance.

[A] 70 UP | 30 DN
[A] 70 UP | 30 DN
[B] 20 UP | 80 DN
[B] 20 UP | 80 DN

Independent Up | Dn Lighting Control

View Mini U|D provides fully dimmable or switchable independent control of the indirect and direct distributions. Ideal for multipurpose rooms and spaces with presentation, projection or video conferencing requirements, the separated circuitry allows simple adjustment of the proportions of up|down light to suit the lighting and energy needs of the space and people in the environment.

View Mini U|D is available with a native distribution of 70 Up | 30 Dn with a maximum total delivered output of 4000 lumens.

[P] 70 UP | 30 DN
[P] 70 UP | 30 DN
Independent Up | Dn Lighting Control
Independent Up | Dn Lighting Control

Application Examples

Environment Space Distribution Qty Spacing Uniformity | Ceiling Light + Energy
Open Office 60 ft x 60 ft x 9 ft 70 Up | 30 Dn, 28 W 4 rows of 56 ft 15 ft o.c. 18 in drop 2.2 | 6.7 47 fc | 0.44 W/ft²
Open Office 60 ft x 60 ft x 9 ft 70 Up | 30 Dn, 28 W 25 x 8 ft units 12 ft x 12 ft, 18 in drop 1.6 | 4.9 39 fc | 0.4 W/ft²
Open Ceiling 60 ft x 60 ft x 12 ft 20 Up | 80 Dn, 36 W 30 x 8 ft units 12 ft x 10 ft, 36 in drop 1.5 | 6.1 42 fc | 0.55 W/ft²
Meeting Room 18 ft x 12 ft x 9 ft 70 Up | 30 Dn, 28 W 2 x 8 ft units 9 ft o.c., 18 in drop 1.7 | 5.7 35 fc | 0.53 W/ft²
Private Office 12 ft x 9 ft x 9 ft 70 Up | 30 Dn, 36 W 1 x 8 ft unit 18 in drop 1.7 | 5.0 38 fc | 0.65 W/ft²
Teaching Space 30 ft x 30 ft x 9 ft 70 Up | 30 Dn, 28 W 2 rows of 28 ft 15 ft o.c., 18 in drop 2.4 | 8.0 39 fc | 0.42 W/ft²
Teaching Space 30 ft x 30 ft x 9 ft 70 Up | 30 Dn, 22 W 12 x 6 ft units 10 ft x 8 ft, 18 in drop 1.6 | 3.5 37 fc | 0.42 W/ft²

Endcaps + Dimensions

Three endcap styles to choose from: Beam, Square, and Radius – preinstalled for perfect fit and finish.

[B] Beam


[R] Radius


[S] Square



Precision machined clear anodized, extruded aluminum and 3 standard powdercoat finishes.

Clear Anodized
[A] Clear Anodized
Black Powdercoat
[B] Black Powdercoat
Metallic Silver Powdercoat
[S] Metallic Silver Powdercoat
White Powdercoat
[W] White Powdercoat

Run Lengths

Standalone fixtures are available in 4 ft, 6 ft and 8 ft nominal lengths. Available in any run length in 2 ft increments, starting from 4 ft.

Run Lengths


[A] 18 W

[B] 22 W

[C] 28 W

[D] 36 W

Ceiling Types

[G] Grid

[S] Structure

[R] Remote

[D] Drywall


[M] 120-277 V

[1] 120 V

[2] 277 V

[3] 347 V


[F1] Non-Dim

[F2] 0-10V Dim 3%

[F4] Line Voltage Dim (Fwd/Rev) 3% 120 V

[E1] eldoLED ECO 0-10V Dim 1%

[E2] eldoLED SOLO 0-10V Dim 0.1%

[E3] eldoLED ECO DALI-2 DT6 Dim 1%

[E4] eldoLED SOLO DALI-2 DT6 Dim 0.1%

[L1] Lutron Hi-Lume 1% EcoSystem (LDE1)

Wiring & Emergency

[B] Battery Pack

[C] Chicago CCEA

[H] Emergency Switch Qty(GTD or Controller)

Sensors + Controls

[RE1] Remote Enlighted Smart Sensor

[VN1] Acuity nLight Converter

Mounting + Ceiling Integration

View Mini comes with pre-wired and tested drivers that are fully integrated with power junction box, mounting and suspension components. Integrated drivers with ceiling and mounting components are designed for multiple orientations and to accommodate grid, drywall or hard lid ceilings. Agnostic electrical-mechanical driver design also allows simple integration with any lighting control or building energy management system.

Elements can be installed in advance or with fixtures for existing or new construction.  See Ceiling Integration for details.

Mounting + Ceiling Integration

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