Portal Wins The National Lighting Bureau Art and Science of Lighting Award

The National Lighting Bureau (NLB) has selected Fluxwerx Portal family of luminaires as the winner of their 2nd annual Art & Science of Lighting Award. The NLB received many submissions, but the jurors narrowed it down to 1 winner for each category, along with 7 Special Citations and 4 Honorable Mentions.

The purpose of the NLB awards program is to give recognition to outstanding products that advance the following categories:


The Science of Lighting Award: A lighting product that demonstrates exceptional technical innovation that significantly improves how effectively and efficiently high-quality lighting can be specified and installed, or introduces new applications to high-quality lighting opportunities.


The Art of Lighting Award: A lighting product that provides outstanding aesthetic appeal and high-quality lighting, based on the innovative use of lighting technology, materials, or sculptural forms.


The Art and Science of Lighting Award: The third category combines both of these achievements into one award. Because our belief is to deliver lighting products with optimal balance of design and performance, we are especially thrilled the NLB has selected Portal to receive the combined Art and Science of Lighting Award.


Portal delivers brilliant industrial design—tailored, purposeful and minimal.

— The National Lighting Bureau
Randy Reid, Executive Director of The National Lighting Bureau, presented the award to Adrian Howitt, VP, Sales, Fluxwerx on March 16, 2022 at LEDucation in NYC.

A reimagination of directional and general area illumination in a single fixture family, Portal offers exceptional comfort and control across multiple architectural environments. Available in two diameters and range of mounting options spanning the discreet, fully Recessed mud-in to a Semi-recessed form, a Surface mount version and even a Pendant, Portal provides clear continuity for any architectural condition and can be used in all ceiling conditions. Multiple optics and beam options transcend typical point source applications with exceptional uniformity, lower energy densities and maximum visual comfort with efficacies up to 150 lm/w.


The purpose of this particular award reflects our continued commitment to deliver differentiated products that can be applied in innovative ways with an uncompromising balance of aesthetic design and technical performance. This has been our commitment since we began development of View and Profile 10 years ago and it has remained our focus for every product since.

— Reuben Bartlett, President, Fluxwerx Illumination

Learn more about the winning products:

Portal Recessed

Portal Surface

Portal Pendant


About Fluxwerx:

Founded in 2011, Fluxwerx is a manufacturer of distinctive and breakthrough proprietary Anidolic optical technology that delivers on the promise of LED lighting. Our innovative, high-performance architectural LED luminaires are designed specifically for application in commercial and institutional spaces at the intersection of architecture and the human experience such as offices, educational environments and in healthcare. Follow Fluxwerx on TwitterInstagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn.


About the NLB:

The National Lighting Bureau is an independent, IRS-recognized not-for-profit, educational foundation that has served as a trusted lighting-information source. The Bureau provides its services to the public free of charge, thanks to the generous funding of the organization's sponsors which include professional societies, trade associations, labor unions, manufacturers, and agencies of the U.S. government.

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