New architectural luminaires from Fluxwerx unveiled for Spring 2021

Founded on a history of innovation and a forward looking approach to creating transformative luminaires, today Fluxwerx Illumination introduces two new products for Spring 2021—Frame and Notch 1. Both new products are based on Red Dot-awarded Profile Mini, with its minimalist architectural aesthetic, vertically-oriented Anidolic optics and narrow, 1.5 inch fully luminous void. 



Frame—a geometrically synthesized collection of discrete pendant forms composed of two and four foot squares and triangles as well as a 2'x4' rectangular aesthetic. The Frame optics are optimized to correlate with the closed architecture of the closed geometric forms for optimal balance of performance and visual comfort. 

With a form only two inches in height, Frame offers exceptional performance for general ambient illumination applications. It is possible to achieve up to 15 ft o.c. spacing pace for aggressive and sustainable, energy efficient design with power densities of under 0.40 W/ft2.

A choice of various output and optical distribution options allows Frame to be used as a discrete lighting solution in various environments and conditions. In addition, Frame is also available with an independent up-down lighting control option that provides fully dimmable or switchable independent control of the upper and lower hemispherical distributions.

Three forms. Three sizes. Infinite opportunities. 

Profile Mini represented a re-scaled addition to the minimalist architectural aesthetic of our original Profile series, achieved through continued advancements in optics technology. So too do our two newest products—Profile Mini Frame and Notch 1. With these new products, our team continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in design by leveraging our knowledge of advanced optics. These products integrate unique optical approaches to again deliver to the design community this uncompromising balance of design and performance.

— Reuben Bartlett, President, Fluxwerx

Notch 1

The Notch 2 and Notch 4 series of linear recessed luminaires are now joined by an even further differentiated, reduced scale version—Notch 1. Define an uninterrupted, high performance and comfortable fully luminous linear void with an aperture now under 1.5". 


Notch 1 is also available with factory pre-mitred 90° corners and optional end details such as the revolutionary Dado end allowing the recessed channel to extrude through the face of vertical drywall. With the integration of Fluxwerx Anidolic-extraction optics, Notch 1 provides precisely controlled optical distributions with no view of the LED point source

Notch 1 narrows two simple lines to three

Notch 1 features a variety of trims and endcaps, which add subtle punctuation of the ceiling plane with very low brightness and high performance, giving the design community an opportunity to use a narrow aperture solution for general area lighting.


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