Fluxwerx Expands to Europe, Introduces Award-Winning Luminaires in Key Markets

Fluxwerx Illumination, a leader in high-performance architectural LED luminaires, announces the launch of its products to Europe with sales partnerships in the UK, Scandinavia, France and Italy.

Established in 2011, Fluxwerx redefined general-purpose LED luminaires with an approach that seamlessly combined industrial design and optical engineering to create minimalist aesthetics with the very best in lighting performance. This approach has led to a diverse portfolio of products that have earned international recognition with 46 design awards and are backed by over 15 optical and mechanical patents. Fluxwerx luminaires offer a versatile array of applications, prioritizing a human-centric approach that emphasizes user experience and comfort.


Our passion to combine form and function has resulted in collection of award-winning products that we are very excited to introduce in Europe. Equally exciting is our partnership with Atrium in the UK, Stockholm Lighting in Sweden, Lumenscia in France, and Exenia in Italy to introduce Fluxwerx to the European lighting communities. We look forward to collaborating with the incredibly passionate and knowledgeable people we have come to know in these esteemed organizations.

— Reuben Bartlett, President, Fluxwerx Illumination


The Fluxwerx introduction to Europe is backed with the support of its parent company, LMPG, Inc. This significant milestone represents a strategic growth opportunity for both Fluxwerx and LMPG, Inc. and stands as a testament to the strength and appeal of the Fluxwerx brand.


Fluxwerx's launch in key European markets marks a proud moment for our team. With its forward-thinking solutions and exceptional brand recognition among lighting professionals, Fluxwerx is poised to make a significant impact in Europe. We're excited about the successes ahead and the positive influence we hope to have in the communities we serve.

— François-Xavier Souvay, Founder, President, and CEO of LMPG, Inc.


As Fluxwerx expands its presence in Europe, the company remains dedicated to fostering partnerships and collaborations that drive innovation and excellence in lighting design. With a team of experts committed to delivering exceptional service and support, Fluxwerx is poised to make a significant impact in the European lighting market.



About Fluxwerx

Fluxwerx Illumination is a manufacturer of distinctive and breakthrough proprietary Anidolic optical technology that delivers on the promise of LED lighting. Our innovative, high-performance architectural LED luminaires are designed specifically for application in commercial and institutional spaces at the intersection of architecture and the human experience such as offices, educational environments and in healthcare. Fluxwerx is an LMPG Inc. brand. Follow Fluxwerx on TwitterInstagramPinterest & LinkedIn.


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