Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation

Opened in November 2019, Jean Hofmann Centre for Innovation is a two-story, 17,500 sf modern learning centre that is part of Carondelet High School. The new building holds eight studio classrooms—or “innovation learning labs”—each with sliding glass partitions which allow the rooms to change in size and connect with adjacent labs. 

O’Mahony & Myer Electrical Engineering & Lighting Design group worked in close collaboration with the Ratcliff team to determine the lighting approach for the project, including the composition, physical appearance, and photometric performance of the lighting system. After reviewing several alternatives, Spoke family of luminaires was selected as the best solution for both the classrooms and general building lighting due to its aesthetically pleasing open aperture form factor, dimensions, and photometric distribution options. 

Innovative features such as hexagonal acoustic ceiling tiles and lighting meticulously set into the tile pattern, enhance the look and feel of the space and encourage limitless exploration.

Spoke pendants seamlessly integrate with the ceiling tiles allowing full use of the classroom height to support curricular goals. Since this is a STEM educational facility, the team also preferred the idea of using a luminaire that utilized Fluxwerx’s Anidolic optics, to demonstrate the use of innovative optical technologies to deliver light into the space.

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The modern, inviting space inspires everyone who steps in the door, and the flexible, collaborative learning spaces have already had a transformative impact on learning. Whether working in teams across studios or hanging out in the comfortable lounges, the Center for Innovation is our new campus home: helping us strengthen relationships and push the boundaries of what's possible.

- Chris Walsh, Director, The Jean Hofmann Centre
Location: Carondelet High School, Concord, California, United States
Market: Education
Client: Carondelet High School
Architecture: Ratcliff
Lighting Design: O’Mahony & Myer Electrical Engineering & Lighting Design
Photography: David Wakely