Health + Sustainability

At Fluxwerx, we recognize the integral role light plays in overall well-being and are committed to the design and manufacture of products that enhance spaces for people.

Our commitment to the well-being of people aligns with our responsibility to the well-being of the planet we inhabit. We recognize that improvement is incremental, and we are always working to refine and improve our products, processes and practices.

Well Being + Productivity

Exposure to daylight, especially in the morning, helps regulate the body's internal clock and promotes a healthy circadian rhythm. Incorporating daylight and using appropriate light levels while considering factors like, glare, uniformity, color temperature and intensity are essential for creating environments that support productivity and promote well-being.

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Glare + Eye Strain

Light delivered with optical control that minimizes glare is important for maintaining eye health and reducing strain and general discomfort.

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Lighting for the Task

We design our optics for the application; lighting for the task leads to increased productivity, accuracy, and comfortable spaces for people.

See our application based Design Guides.

Reducing Embodied Carbon

Challenging convention and pursuing the impossible has been our path since the start. With a strong emphasis on optics that deliver wide on-center spacing and minimalist forms, reduced materials and lower energy densities are inherent parts of our ethos.

Wide Luminaire Spacing = Fewer Fixtures = Less Materials

Also, integrating the power supply with the mounting further reduces the size and material needed for our luminaires. The highest volume of material in our products is aluminum, which is 100% recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely without compromising the material properties.

Circular Economy

Our products are made with high quality recyclable materials. We focus on flexible, make-to-order manufacturing in a vertically integrated facility with programs to sort materials to the appropriate recycling and re-use streams.


As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility and in support of sustainability initiatives, we report to independent 3rd party standards, which provide clear and transparent information about our product ingredients and performance characteristics.

Well Building v2 + LEED v4 Compliance Reference Guide

A reference guide to assist in selecting Fluxwerx luminaires that comply with WELL Building v2 and LEED v4 requirements.